San Rocco Oratory

of the Archdiocese of Chicago


St. Rocco (=Roch) Biographies

St. Rocco in Catholic Forum

St. Rocco Stories

St. Roch in the Catholic Encyclopedia

St Roch in Wikipedia in English

San Rocco in Wikipedia in Italian (more extensive than the English version)

San Rocco Churches and Oratories in the U.S.A.

St. Rocco Church in Cleveland, Ohio

St. Rocco Church in Glen Cove, New York

St. Rocco Church in Martins Creek, Pennsylvania

San Rocco Oratory in Chicago Heights (Parishes Online)

St. Rocco Oratory in Hulberton, New York

San Rocco Churches and Oratories in Europe (just a sampling)

San Rocco Church in Gavoranno, Italy (in Italian)

St. Rocco Church in Lugano, Switzerland (full screen)

San Rocco Church in Lugano, Switzerland (with music)

St. Rocco Church in Monte Isola, Italy

St. Rocco Church in Olera, Italy (in Italian)

San Rocco Church in Scopripinerolo, Italy

San Rocco Church in Turin, Italy

San Rocco Church in Umbria, Italy

San Rocco Church in Venice, Italy

San Rocco Oratory in Garessio, Italy (in Italian)

San Rocco Oratory in Padua, Italy (in Italian)

San Rocco Oratory in Verona, Italy (in Italian)

St. Rocco Festivals

San Rocco Festival in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

St. Rocco Feast in Morningside, Pennsylvania

San Rocco Festival in St. Mary's, Franklin, Massachusetts

San Rocco of Valenzano Festival, Chicago


Archdioceses and Dioceses 

Archdiocese of Chicago

Diocese of Gary, Northwest Indiana

Diocese of Joliet, Illinois

Vatican (Diocese of Rome)

Churches, Missions, Oratories, and Shrines of Interest

Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

Infant Jesus of Prague Church, Flossmoor, Illinois

Our Lady of Pompeii Shrine, Chicago

St. Agnes, Chicago Heights

St. James Church, Sauk Village, Illinois

St. Joseph Church, Dyer, Indiana

St. Joseph Church, Homewood, Illinois

St. Kieran Church, Chicago Heights

St. Lawrence O'Toole, Matteson, Illinois

St. Paul Church, Chicago Heights


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San Rocco Oratory

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